Friday, October 17, 2014

Company Christmas Cards

After a warm and mild September with the stock markets continuing their slow and gradual upward trend we enter the first signs of storms – both meteorologically and economically.

When the weather turns our thoughts are turning to Christmas.  As a printer we get the first promotional brochures and leaflets from specialist suppliers of Christmas Cards, calendars, diaries and gifts from the beginning of June onwards.  But for us, there is something not quite right in trying to communicate with our customers at this time of the year.  Those lucky enough to get a few days holiday off are probably sitting on the beaches and the last thing they want to be reminded of is the prospect of another year passing.

But things have changed in the last few days.  October has shown even more volatility this year.  The weather has turned sharply and the stock markets have almost matched the drops around the time of the 1987 storm.  Yet, in the real world of business we are really busy.  This is probably as good an October for sales as I can remember.

So, it is time to start promoting our Christmas printing offers.  And the first item to consider is the old reliable Christmas Card.  They have been with for some time now and they remain one of the most effective forms of marketing any business can undertake.  There is nothing better than receiving a nice personalised card – and compared to getting a digital message that is usually deleted within 5 seconds – sits on your desk for a few weeks as a reminder.

And with digital printing you can be really creative and personal.  Your company name can be added into the pictures – so it could be ABC Haulage sign-written on the side of Santa’s sleigh on the front picture or your company name written in the snow by the polar bears in the arctic.  These are available with our standard mail order brochure alone.  All you have to do is supply the caption or your company name.

You can be really creative with our digitally printed cards.  Why not have a “Photoshopped” staff photo – get a designer to create something relevant to your customers or just have something more tailored to the seasonal message you would like to send out.

We print cards full colour to both sides and van now add a gloss laminate finish to the one side.  Printed on a 350gsm silk card they can be easily personally signed by staff or if you need a few hundred, we can scan and print signatures. 

I always enjoyed getting my annual card from Prince Charles.  Mentors, volunteers and many other workers for the Princes Trust were sent a card.  The list probably ran into thousands.   He would select one of his paintings for the front of the card and his signature was printed on the inside.  Before I entered the world of printing I thought he had personally signed the cards and it took pride of place in my collection.  It was a small touch but extremely effective as a motivator and a way of saying “thank you”.

Christmas presents an opportunity for businesses of every size to send a message of thanks to their customers or even trying to win back dormant customers.  It adds an important personal side to your communications.  Remember without customers there would be no business at all!

Below is a table of our prices – which include envelopes and setting up the artwork from your photograph or images.  They are usually printed and delivered within 3 working days.

Please don’t leave it too late to order.  The longer your card is on display the more effective it has been.

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