Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Online Document Printing – What’s it all about?

Online Document Printing – What’s it all about?

Online document printing has been around for over a decade now but it is only just beginning to build up the growth momentum seen with some of the other printed products being sold online – such as greetings cards or business cards.
New customer take up for the production of manuals, presentations, price lists, tenders or reports at Direct2Print has increased by over 35% this year alone.
Direct2Print introduced online document printing to the UK over 10 years ago based upon a business model that was operating in the United States. 
The core product is to have documents printed on production quality machines, with quality finishes and binding, delivered when and where you needed – the service was boosted by the developments in broadband communications, PDF software and the very high cost of toners and inks for smaller office and home printers.
Quality and cost were the two particular issues that were improved by online ordering of documents. Having a single supplier meant that documents presented in different parts of the country were offered consistency of presentation and cost control.  There were frequent examples of price differences of more than 50% on the same job depending upon location.
Delivery was often quick but the pressures are now for ever-shorter deadlines.Direct2Print still offers a 6 working hour delivery option – often quicker than many printers and copy shops can respond with a quotation or a small home printer can print a complete memory and ink-intensive PowerPoint presentation.
With real-time pricing the order process became simple and easy – after entering a small number of prompted variables a customer could hit the “Send” button and within 24 hours get some pretty impressive documents.  Usually with free delivery and at half the cost of what they would have previously paid!
In short the service was faster, more convenient, offered better quality at a better price.
Yet it has taken ten years to gain popularity?
There are many other reasons.  We are all more confident and comfortable with online purchasing but there must also be other factors involved.  Search engines are now the prime source of finding a supplier for any urgent job – and printing is no different to any other trade.  Much of the work that had previously gone local now goes online.  This trend is accelerating with mobile and tablet device users and developments such as QR code scanning.
The order process has become more reliable.  The web site was rebuilt and upgraded in 2011 to accommodate technological developments.  Documents are now distributed around the world within a matter of days. 
There are also no verbal misunderstandings – so you don’t end up with 13 documents rather than 30!  Orders are quality checked at every stage to ensure there are no errors – and each order is covered by a total quality guarantee.
But perhaps the main reason is the pressures on each and every one of us.  Time is becoming an even more precious commodity.  So the thought of driving to a printer’s premises on increasingly congested roads, finding a parking space, waiting for the printing and then driving back to the office is not as attractive of a few clicks of a mouse and sitting back and waiting for the courier delivery.
You can now impress without the stress!

About Direct2Print ( – Direct2Print provides a specialist online document and digital print service from a production site strategically based in the middle of the UK near Birmingham.  It prints, binds and delivers documents for companies and public bodies of all sizes – from 6 working hours to 3 working days.  This year documents have been distributed to the United State, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and the Middle East.  For media relations contact Chris Jepson (Managing Director) on 0800 0346 007.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Let’s Get Started!

The number of people deciding to start up their own business continues to expand. It is estimated a record of 500,000 new businesses have started in 2013.

Sometimes it is a lifestyle choice and sometimes it is out of necessity. Sometimes it is the implementation of plans that have been a long time in the making, and sometimes it is seen as the only way forward to develop a career or provide an income.

In almost every case you will need to generate some income as soon as possible to start covering the overheads that will arise and the household bills that will continue. Anyone planning to start up a business needs good advisors to point you in the right direction. It is important to get good support on all the key aspects of business, including financial and legal from an accountant and solicitor respectively.

The banks are usually demanding that a fairly detailed and comprehensive business plan supports the commercial viability of your project. And you will often need to submit management accounts to make sure the project was “on track” and their risk was being monitored.

However, the hardest part with most new businesses or when going self-employed is building up profitable sales. Finding advisors to help you with this most important of tasks is not easy. Marketing specialists normally demand high fees for offering any form of specialist advice. Agencies do not normally work unless the new business is of a sufficient size to afford a monthly retainer.

So where do you start?

The budding entrepreneur will probably already have built up some useful contacts and may even be lucky enough to have clients from the first day. However, any new business will almost certainly need to generate revenue fairly rapidly to survive, grow and prosper in the future.

Putting the detail behind the marketing plan is difficult. Failing to achieve anticipated sales turnover is the primary reason for the failure of most businesses and business plans.

Any marketing plan needs to allow as much flexibility to adapt to circumstances and concentrate on those marketing activities that are proving to be the most cost-effective.
And how do you generate new customers and translate this business into profitable sales revenue?

In the “old world” this would range from anything from putting a few adverts in the local paper or a shop window right through to trying to replicate larger companies with a colour brochure. The more sophisticated businesses would use other traditional methods such as direct mail and telemarketing.

However, marketing a small business in the current environment requires a more holistic and comprehensive approach because the multi-channel opportunity of business communications.

Spreading a limited resource over different channels in this age of digital communications and social media marketing requires expert help and guidance. It is difficult to find this sort of help because there are very few multi-channel advisors or providers.

Direct2Print the online digital print and online document printing company are offering a business service specifically aimed at the new business owner – wherever they happen to be based in the UK.

“GROWTHPLAN” is a marketing package tailored to each individual budget. Starting at an annual cost of £1000 it provides a multitude of services from one single supplier.
Direct2Print have combined the design and print function along with a web design and digital marketing service.

There are three options which provide a fixed cost for an integrated marketing service. The combined services are classified as a Bronze, Silver and Gold “GROWTHPLAN” marketing package tailored to each individual budget. These marketing services can be managed utilizing new communications technology online with video link meetings. The services can be adapted to each client and are particularly relevant to start-up businesses.

The “suck it and see” approach means different communication channels and campaigns can be tried, tested and adapted as the new business evolves. Any further investment would then be directed at those activities that prove to be the most cost-effective.

The small business benefits from a structured campaign or combination of marketing activities which are integrated for maximum impact from a limited budget.

For more information – Contact Direct2Print on 0800 0346 007