Monday, July 27, 2015

Helping Create Memories that Last!

Funeral printing is big business.  Printed Orders of Service, acknowledgement cards, book-marks and memorial cards are just some of the products that have become an integral part of the funeral service.  

Often these printed items are the least costly items at a funeral but remain one of the most important.  Printing often helps to create memories that last!

They also often act as mementoes that can be kept as a keepsake or distributed to those people who were unable to attend the actual service itself.

Our own funeral printing website was created in 2008 and was operational for five years and attracted custom from throughout the UK.  

However, we have now incorporated the funeral printing product within our new digital print website  to make the ordering process easier.

We also found that most customers now seem to prefer sending their own digital artwork files rather than use an online editor tool.

Order Of Service

An Order of Service is almost a pre-requisite at any funeral.  

If it is professionally designed and printed, an Order of Service becomes a valued part of any funeral service that helps to celebrate the life of the deceased.  

Because they usually need to be approved by a large number of people they are often required within a couple of days.

They are also not needed in large quantities – so they are ideal for digital printing.
Orders of Service also lend themselves to online digital printing because they need to be produced quickly and to a high quality standard by a company with experience in putting them together quickly and effectively.

And the vast majority of commercial printers and funeral directors neither have the time, equipment or capability to typeset, layout, design and print in the time available.

There are many specialist web2print services that have been created specifically for the design and printing of Orders of Service.  

They provide quick and easy access to popular hymns, poems or images that have a particular meaning or theme. They also help with other design touches like borders and help the printing process.

This saves time searching for the relevant and correct content to include within the service sheet.

With our fixed £40 design and artwork costs we are able to help those customers who are not quite so capable and would rather pass over responsibility to a trained and experienced graphic designer.

There is also the added financial benefit that Orders of Service for funerals are zero-rated for VAT (see Public notice 701/32 paragraph 3.3 for those interested!).

So there is some financial benefit with death after all!

Over the years we have produced a wide range of Orders of Service linked to all sorts of hobbies like gardening or fishing or those specifically linked to sport, the armed services or music.

There is often a particular style according to the country you come from and the religion you belong to.   

Some are quite colourful and flamboyant and some are very plain and stark. 

Some are short and basic and others are quite long and made into a booklet format.  

We use a wide range of cards and papers – including recycled grades. The most popular remain either white or an ivory off-white card – folded or made into an A5 finished size.

This is why we do not offer too wide a range of cards and papers for our online print service.
However, the general rule when designing an Order of Service is that there are no rules.  

Sometimes we have created a DL folded leaflet that would put many businesses to shame for the quality and appearance.

The vast majority have a photograph of the deceased and many have a collage of favourite photos collected by family and friends.

There is usually no problem with copyright, especially if the writer of the hymns or poems has been dead for 71 years or more. 

Images are usually all royalty-free and as long as the Church or Crematorium has a CCL licence ( and there is usually no need for any additional licence for hymns or music.

Acknowledgement, Thank You & Memorial Cards

Other items of funeral printing can usually be found in the Postcard or Greetings Card categories at

This is a simple way of ordering these items when using our online print service.  They can be printed single or double-sided on a range of cards.

We have even supplied a photographic montage – which can be framed if required. 
Perhaps this is best to order offline because if you select our Small Poster product category the minimum quantity order is 25.


The final Product category is for Bookmarks – they are usually a standard side and given a laminate finish for extra protection and long-life.

Bookmarks again are ideal for our online printing service because you only need to order a small quantity at one time.

For more information check out our website or call Customer Services free on 0800 0346 007.