Thursday, October 30, 2014

Business Starter Pack Bundle Offer

Do you know anyone about to set up their own business?  

Do they work from home or need to “carry their office around with them”?
Then point them in the direction of our special BUSINESS STARTER PACK BUNDLE.  

We are offering a special package which should appeal to any start up business and particularly those that need to be mobile yet need to have instant access to customer and supplier information, correspondence or even possibly invoices. 

The package cost is £999 plus VAT.   This includes an HP laptop computer complete with wi-fi connection, pre-loaded Microsoft Office, Dragon Voice Recognition software and eCDocs Document/File Assembly and Management System.   

And within a period of 10 days you can be up and running with a new corporate identity, business printing, promotional printing and your own “Office in a Box” laptop computer set up for immediate use.    

The package consists of:-
  1. Free Consultation – discuss your business and marketing plans and we will give free and unique practical advice to help you along the way, as well as a large number of contacts in the key areas of support you may need along the way.
  2. Free Design – including the creation of a logo, free artwork for all the printing you order as part of the Business Starter Pack – including any stock photographs for any leaflets, brochures and promotional items ordered at the same time.
  3. An “Office in the Box” high specification laptop computer and administration system.  This will allow you to store and communicate to all your clients & suppliers quickly and easily. Every communication is stored and indexed for easy retrieval.  There are easy to follow video tutorials on YOUTube to help you learn the features of benefits of this package.     
  4. A £50 DISCOUNT VOUCHER off one of our standard Business Stationery Packs – which range from £99 plus VAT to £149 plus VAT with their relevant discount off any other printed products ordered at the same time.

We can extend this package offered to include a range of other products and services for a very competitive cost – including web site design and web and email hosting, basic accounting software to produce your invoices & statements and a range of digital marketing services that would integrate with your traditional marketing channels. 

This bundle would save you at least £500 if these items were purchased separately. 
The offer is only available in this particular bundle format until the New Year.
If interested contact me on 0800 0346 007 or email for more details.

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