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Our digitally printed labels

Our digitally printed labels

Labels come in many shapes and sizes.

They are produced on all forms of materials including paper, card and vinyl.  They can be printed using toner, ink or a range of special finishes like foil and laminating.

As a digital print business we supply a wide range of printed tags and labels to affix to all different materials.

The paper labels are otherwise known as stickers – because of their self-adhesive qualities.

Traditionally we have just printed on paper – but there are still a wide range of options.

Typically the choice is usually between permanent or removable material and matt or gloss paper.

The majority of our standard labels are matt paper with a permanent adhesive for reasons of cost.

When you consider the multitude of size options you can see that there are possibly thousands of permutations – making the cost of holding stock a prohibitively high cost.

So when we set up our online print service we decided to concentrate only on the most popular shapes and sizes for the type of applications that lend themselves to our type of operation.

We can always obtain gloss paper and removable – but they may take an extra day or two for delivery.

We do not produce large quantities of other specialist labels online – but can order any quantity or type to suit client needs offline using our Custom Quote facility.

Digital Labels

Here at Direct2Print we can offer smaller quantities of labels and stickers to fulfil a multitude of wants and needs quickly and without any set-up costs.

Whether you need stickers for a child’s birthday party or labels for a food product, by simply sending us your artwork we can guarantee a high quality product in a short amount of time!

Digital printing means we can supply small quantities of labels on a flat sheet within a couple of days.

The artwork is set up to be printed on an A4 sheet. The number of labels on each sheet depends on the size and shape of the label.

With our digital online print service we decided to sell labels by the A4 sheet rather than the total quantity of labels.

Our Top 10 Applications

1. Warning Notices.

Hazards are all around us and labels are the perfect print product for warnings. Labels on a bottle of bleach, for example, inform you not to ingest the fluid and tell you what to do in case a baby accidently gets hold of it!

Warning labels are needed for all types of product produced by the small business. They are often printed with easily recognisable symbols and in colours to make them stand out.

2. Ingredients.  

Avoiding food poisoning or an allergic reaction is a main motivation behind the need for clear and accurate labelling.

Again legislation is very strict.

A food label including the best before date and potential allergens is very important to include on a product.

Also, steps informing you how to correctly prepare the item before you eat it are necessary as this will prevent any poisoning you may get from uncooked food.

We have prepared labels for “cottage industries” producing all forms of foods such as jam and marmalade jars, cakes and sweets.

3. Personal Identification.  

Labels are ideal for saving embarrassment at business events when you can’t remember someone’s name and you have to make an introduction!

For most people attending a business meeting, name labels can save your life by breaking the ice and preventing you from accidently calling somebody by the wrong name!

We have printed labels so that a name can be easily handwritten on for a number of networking events, conferences and training courses.

4. Promotional labels. 

Labels can be a great marketing tool and a way of communicating Offers or Coupons.

Whether you want to promote a new product or expand your marketing efforts, we can help you get custom promotional labels.

They can highlight a special offer – like 50% OFF NEXT PURCHASE.

They can also just be used to promote your brand – for example, we produce very small quantities of wine bottle labels that customers have used as part of their annual corporate hospitality.

5. Address labels.  

The popularity of mini-address labels seems to have waned with the decline in personal letter writing but the popularity of branded labels for packaging has soared with the growth of e-commerce.

It is also important to have pre-printed return address in case a package is not able to be delivered.

Waterproof labels are also advisable for packaging, as when sending parcels out to customers it is integral to do everything possible to ensure that the package arrives on time and intact.

6. Control Information.  

Labels often provide security details or technical information.

We have supplied printed labels for use when calibrating machines or for inserting dates on equipment or machinery readings.

Asset labels are also a valuable method of keeping track of property that is hired out or away from your direct control or supervision.

7. Price Labels.

A most popular application is simply sticking prices onto products.

Even small scale cottage industries can price up a handful of products with a label that carries the business brand.

We have supplied labels for auctioneers and retailers – although we tend to recommend removable papers.

There is nothing so annoying than trying to remove permanent paper from an expensive or delicate product.

8. Customer Service Labels. 

If something breaks down or is not working you need to get the suppliers information quickly and there is nothing better than having a label on the appliance to make that quick phone call.

We supplied a POS cash register supplier and they found it was the best source of repeat business for paper cash till rolls.

One of our gas heating and boiler maintenance customers always leaves a sticker as a reminder of when the next service is due.

Similarly, a motor dealer applies this information after a car has been serviced – and it works well.

They are even used by schools as a simple recognition of achievement on good homework, attendance or some other form of achievement.

9. Your link to the digital world.  

QR codes offer the link to the digital world.  A scan on a mobile smartphone can take someone to a website, price list or a wealth of information from something no more than the size of a postage stamp.

Similarly, bar code stickers have been used in virtually every industry known to man to improve the speed and efficiency of tracking, stock control and efficiency.

10. Finally – labels are used to cover up a mistake or error. 

How many times have printing errors been overcome by a sticker or label?

There is a special paper label material known as “Bluback” that makes paper less transparent.

Quite a few times we have used it to cover an incorrect telephone number on some expensively produced brochures or reports.

These are designed to be permanent and are virtually impossible to remove.

Remember that labels are the often first point of contact for the consumer, and they will be one of the things that stick in the customer’s mind after the transaction.

You will need professional standard artwork to get the best from your label design.

It’s great if you have your own already, we can work with that and our graphic designers can make minor adjustments if necessary, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

If you need help contact our Customer Services free on 0800 0346 007.

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