Monday, March 2, 2015

Instant Online Printing

We are nearly ready to launch our new digital printing website for an instant online service for the supply of personalised business stationery –

The theme is a “Fresh Approach to Digital Printing” – because we feel this is how most business printing will be ordered within the next five years.

The imagery has been designed to complement the theme – a new and fresh way to order printing and fresh natural scenes.

Our strategy with this new site is simple.  We aim to combine our experience of retail and online print for some of the more popular digital printing products.

We will try and provide the same type of service we provide through our retail Business Centre to customers further afield.  

This is predominantly digitally printed stationery and marketing materials.  Which means you do not need to order large quantities and delivery is much faster than from traditional internet commercial print providers.

At the same time quality is superb.  And there all the other usual benefits of web2print – with simplified administration, time savings and simplicity of the order process.

Print on Demand and web2print is the future of the quick print market.  With savings in cost, time and administration – ordering printed products is made easy.  

In total, the whole process of pricing and placing an order takes no more than a couple of minutes and three easy steps to complete.

How to Process a Two Minute Order Online?
1. Find the product you require to be printed.
2. Select quantity and specifications to get the price.
3. Place order and upload a print-ready PDF file.
The automated order process keeps clients informed at each new stage of the production process.   Then sit back and wait for delivery.

In most cases delivery is within 48 hours – and this cost will be free on all orders over £50.
It really couldn’t be any easier!

Our Product Range
Although the range of products and options with printing is substantial, in most cases the majority of clients require just standard specifications.

So initially, we will concentrate only on the most popular printed products used for small businesses, such as letterheads, business cards, brochures and leaflets.

Business Cards

These items make up the vast majority of our digital print orders at our Digital Print Business Centre in Stourbridge.

Our primary client base will remain the small or micro sized companies that still value the importance of print within their overall marketing mix but do not need the large quantities of previous years.

Company Brochures

We can even print one or two brochures if necessary – although typically quantities range between 50 and 500 for digital printing.

Over time we will be able to add more and more products to the range being offered.  We will soon be adding self-carbonating forms, labels, certificates, tickets & vouchers.

Already there are some items which clients find difficult to source elsewhere online.

For example, simple mono printing in small order quantities can be hard to find.  And yet we produce large volumes through our Business Centre.  This can be anything from standard forms, newsletters to simple tickets or change of address postcards.

We will also be able to supply a range of co-ordinated print products for a particular target market. For example, food outlets do not just need some form of menus but a multitude of other printed items such as table mats, tent cards or receipt pads.  The options can be extended with some of the special materials now suitable for digital printing – such as tear-free paper.

With very effective matt and gloss lamination – professional menus can be quickly printed and delivered – allowing flexibility to change contents and specials on a regular basis.

Samples of menus

And in the next series of blogs will concentrate on the various merits of different finishes and styles of each product category.

A good example is our Postcard range – which are available with either the matt or gloss laminating options.

Samples of Postcards

We will post these on an on-going basis throughout the first few months – but if there are any products you feel we need add or incorporate we would welcome any suggestions.

For a preview look at the new website visit or have a look at our latest YouTube video

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