Friday, August 29, 2014

Promotional Products Work!

Digital printing has revolutionised the printing industry in a number of ways.  

One of the most important benefits is that you print-on demand so there is no wastage.  
Rather than printing for the most economic order quantities – you print only what you need and when you need it.

In other words there is no minimum order quantity.  If you just want one brochure it can be produced to the same high specification as a traditionally printed brochure – high quality print finish on a range of papers and cards with a gloss or matt laminate finish.

Now the same benefit can be applied to the promotional gift industry and Direct2Print have teamed up with a specialist digital producer of some of the most popular promotional gifts.  

This is ideal for the small business owner or even tradespeople who are interested in promoting their business without investing huge sums of money.

How about some stylish personalised iPhone cases?  With the rapid speed of growth of mobile commerce and the potential of mobile phones and tablet computers gifts such as this are beginning to replace items such as mouse-mats, pens and rulers and some of the other more traditional gift items.

The key to successful promotional gifts is to make them relevant.  Key fobs would have a practical application for a car dealer or an ice scraper could carry an interesting advertising message for an air conditioning supplier.

For example, we have one customer who has a business that occupies most weekends and he prefers time off in the week to play his favourite game of golf.  He can now obtain a wide range of promotional products for his friends and colleagues at the golf club that will keep his contact details in front of them whenever his services may be required.

Promotional products can also be used in so many other ways other than just to build awareness.

Some other possibilities come immediately to mind such as:-
        to say thank you to customers or staff
        to serve as a reminder of a tradeshow, event or exhibition
        to support the launch of a product, campaign or website
        to use as a "gift with purchase" to encourage sales or registrations
        to sell or to raise funds for a charity, team, a good cause or a project
        to hand out at Christmas or to celebrate other events or anniversaries

The possibilities are endless.  Have a look online at some of the products available.


You can easily compare products and get some idea of prices.  Simply go to the link is

You will also see how easy it is to create the artwork or you can upload your design.

And it would be of great help if you could let any friends or colleagues know about this new service – we all have a network of colleagues and many of them could seriously benefit from this service. 

For your first order or for any referrals to friends or family please contact me first and I will personally send through a voucher code that will discount the price you pay.

If you need any help with any aspect of ordering these personalised promotional goods do not hesitate to contact the Customer Services at the Direct2Print Business Centre free on 0800 0345 845 or our normal landline on 01384 376640.

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